NIRPLEX Exclusive Agencies
Professionalism at the Customer Service

Nirplex is a corporation of agencies specializing in exclusive representation of international companies and producers for the local market.
Since it was founded, over 30 years ago, the company has added to the list of companies it has been representing, the best and largest producers all over the world, for all kinds of paper and board, both for printing and packaging, including corporations and enterprises in the field of flexible packaging and corporations that specialize in the manufacture of finished packaging products for the industry. The variety of products includes: all kinds of publication papers in reels; all kinds of printing papers, both coated and uncoated, either in sheets or reels; all kinds of duplex board, folding box board and paperboard for graphic and packaging end use areas; packaging paper; films and flexible packaging, films for pallets' wrapping; glass jars and tin cans; lamination and lacquering machinery and materials.
Nirplex has a wide range of customers that enjoy its professional services. Most of them are among the largest companies and concerns in Israel, in the field of publishers, in the printing and packaging industry, producers of food and light beverages, producers of chemical products, detergents, pharmaceutical, hygienic products and the tobacco industry.
All these form a solid evidence for the high added value that Nirplex offers, both to its customers and to the international corporations which it represents.

Perfect combination for customer service

Ronymar, a member of the Nirplex Group, is the leading company in Israel, with over 50 years of best reputation, for import, marketing and distribution of all kinds of paper and board for printing and packaging, in a large variety of qualities and sizes, both in sheets and in reels.
A synergetic service system operated by both Nirplex and Ronymar, which are located under the same roof, allows both companies to offer an integrative, state-of-the-art and unique spectrum of services, precisely adapted to the requirements of each customer. The physical proximity to the customer, on one hand, and the direct link to the sources of supply all over the world, on the other hand, contribute to a flexible and efficient service array.
A large stock on the shelf, available and up-to-date, along with door-to-door supply from the producer's premises to the end user's location, allow the integrated companies to offer their customers a spectrum of services with an especially high added value, side by side with maximum cost saving.
The fact that most stock on the shelf in Ronymar's warehouses comes from Nirplex agencies, and the unmediated link with all players in the market and the various end users, allow quick and ongoing adaptation and implementation of the market's needs, with the collaboration of worldwide supply sources.

Personal Adjustment to Customers' Requirements
The perception of service, built-in in Nirplex-Ronymar's tradition that goes back many years, may be summed up in the motto: "You define your requirements and we will customize a unique service package especially for you, offering you the optimal commercial conditions".


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